3 Simple Tools for Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance

It was a great Saturday morning. I felt the summer breeze coming out from the open window of my room. I start to rise up, rubbing my eyes and yawning a loud thinking that this will be a great day for my family.

And yes it was true. As I walking down the stairs I saw dad and brother doing something that catches my interest. They’re checking out our uninterruptible power supply. I asked if that black box is already broken and we need a new one. Dad said it’s not, they’re just maintaining UPS so that it will last longer.

Brother handed me a note he researched on the net regarding ups maintenance. It serves as their checklist. I read it as follows:

Tools for Maintaining your UPS

Maintenance Record Book

Technicians should maintain a UPS maintenance record book on site. Essential information in this book includes manufacturer manuals, wiring diagrams, operating procedures maintenance schedules and records. Additional information may include equipment settings and adjustments required for normal operations.

Personal Protective Equipment

This includes proper protective clothing and equipment is required for personnel performing the maintenance. It includes but is not limited to protective clothing, gloves and glasses.

Tools and supplies

Insulated hand tools, vacuums and maintenance supplies. This may include pliers, screw drivers, batteries, multi-meters and wires.

Without proper maintenance, a UPS eventually will deteriorate and expose the facility to an electrical malfunction or equipment failure. A scheduled preventive maintenance program for the UPS will ensure equipment reliability and benefit the organization’s bottom line.

For me, this is a great find for my brother. A great help for us on maintain our UPS. I just want to share this with all of you. Hope this helps. Thanks!

This post is made possible by: http://www.panther.ph/

More on UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply Q&As


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